“Welcome to Wherever You Are”
Season 2, Episode 1-2
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What I've Done

 is the seventh and eigth episode of the series and first episode of Season 2.


The Kato family has arrived to Shoreshine and with them they bring drama as they throw a fundraiser event, but the fundraiser event is cancelled by Lyra Oaks, 15th Birthday Party. Lyra wants to make sure that this is the best birthday party of her life ...but new problems awaits her. Jason wants to know if his parents getting a divorce and in order to cope with it he turns to drinking. When him and his best friend Calem go outside, they notice the shy girl Alissa. Phoebe is trying to get her boyfriend to show more emotion, by lying to her boyfriend about having cancer to see what he says. Meanwhile, Hunter and Jenifer take in a homeless guy named Mike before going to the fundraiser and a blast from the past knocks on the door. Dean is pissed off by Alissa when she blows him off and must go do a drug run with his friend Mario. But their boss Giovanni is pissed off when Dean ends up take some of the profit. Brian is worried about Alissa when he doesn’t see her and learns that she’s with Jason….Sam, Elliot and Mario fight for Ally’s heart and Tiro wants to tell Rozabella about what her and Nate did….and will Cassandra apologize to Rozabella? And why is Andy being bullied.

  • This episode is named after the song Welcome to Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi.

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